Progress and Challenges of the CORENET

The past year has been a productive one for the CORENET consortium, with the launch of the project in April, participation in international conferences, and the addition of new members, including PhD and postdoctoral researchers. 

During the first General Assembly, all partners shared their expectations and roles and two short videos with Prof. Andrés de la Escosura  and  Prof. Daniel Merkle were recorded. During the second  General Assembly, all partners shared their progress and four new videos of Prof. Emanuel Lörtscher, Postdoc Mehmet Aziz, Prof. Wilhelm Huck and PhD Thijs de Jong were recorded during the event. All the videos will be soon available on YouTube and shared on Twitter.

Assoc. Prof. Jakob Lykke Andersen working
Assoc. Prof. Jakob Lykke Andersen working
CORENET Partners during the 1st General Assembly meeting

Despite facing various challenges, we remain dedicated to our goal of constructing brain-mimicking computing devices that use networks of chemical reactions as molecular information processing systems.

The CORENET consortium is committed to continuing its work in this innovative field and looks forward to sharing updates on our progress in the coming year and beyond!