Participation in the Gordon Research Conference on Systems Chemistry

CORENET coordinator Prof. de la Escosura (University Autónoma Madrid) and Prof. Huck (Radboud University) have participated in the most recent Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Systems Chemistry. The second GRC on Systems Chemistry addressed topics such as dissipative self-assembly, nonlinear dynamics, active materials, the origins and synthesis of life, controlled molecular movement and motility and the engineering and modelling of complex systems. Among the participants were graduated students and postdocs eager to hear the latest cutting-edge research and participate in scientific talks. 

On June 30th Prof. de la Escosura took the lead in the biological systems chemistry discussion. During that same day, Prof. Huck gave a presentation on “Reservoir Computing using Chemical Reaction Networks: the Formose Reaction is a Molecular Computer”.

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Prof. de la Escosura and Prof. Huck