CORENET's work plan

The activities in the CORENET project are divided into specific work packages (WPs). 

The first three WPs focus on the scientific part of the project, while the other two are dedicated to planning and implementing a communication and dissemination strategy that complements exploitation measures, as well as ensures that all the activities are carried out accordingly to the CORENET Grant Agreement.

WP1 - Recursive Reaction Networks

Goal: to build reaction networks of increasing structural and functional complexity by iteration of recursive synthetic and microfluidic methods on mixtures of simple biochemical components, which can react with each other through a limited number of chemical transformations.

WP2 - On-chip Integration of Recursive Reaction Networks

Goal: to integrate the recurrent neural networks (RRNs) developed in WP1 into a microfluidic flow system that provides full control over input variables and interfaces with analytical equipment to measure the output of such networks.

WP3 - Chemical Reservoir Computing

Goal: to deploy the complex reaction networks (CRNs) developed in WP1 together with their automated on-chip operation and product analytics of WP2 for computing purposes.

WP4 - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

WP5 – Project and innovation management

Goal: to raise awareness for the project and to maximise outreach. 

Goal: to ensure the efficient and effective management of the project and its innovation.