CORENET Partner Prof. Huck receives €97 million grant in Big Chemistry

A research project aiming to build a cutting-edge robot lab that combines artificial intelligence and chemistry has received a 97 million euro grant from the National Growth Fund in the Netherlands. This revolutionary endeavour is led by Prof. Wilhelm Huck, professor and lead of the CORENET team at Radboud University (SRU).

Prof. Huck’s robot lab will include a combination of chemical research, high technology (robotics), and artificial intelligence (including big data and self-learning systems). In this combination of automation and artificial intelligence, robots will be pursuing a large number of experiments, after which scientists can extract the data to be analysed. This robot lab, unique in its kind, is set to revolutionise the world of molecular chemistry, pursuing research at a speed that is presently impossible. The project will be developed in the next 7 years and set on the Novio Tech Campus business park.

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Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Huck