If you’ve been avidly following the progress of CORENET, you may have realised who’s in the CORE of the research of this NET. So it’s time to learn a bit more about the young researchers that are doing a deep labour on the project through the launch of short exclusive interviews with them.

Meet the #CORENETresearchers: David González Martínez

During his Bachelor´s studies, David worked in azoderivatives as Hypoxia sensors. Nowadays, he is a PhD student in organic Chemistry in Autonomous University of Madrid. As a part of SysChem, his aim is to replicate biological reactions in prebiotic conditions.

How did you get into this field of research?

I studied chemistry as an undergraduate and finished my post-graduate studies in organic chemistry.  I got into this field through an open position in CORENET. Nowadays, I´m working in prebiotic chemistry under De la Escosura group in which I study metabolic reactions in prebiotic conditions.

Why did you apply for a researcher position with CORENET?

I applied for this position because I had done my undergraduate and post-graduate investigation in biological compounds for early detection of cancer. I love biochemistry and this position is perfect to apply my knowledge and work in an area I really like.

What are your aspirations for your research?

I aspire to use my knowledge in this area of research to reach new insights into prebiotic chemistry.

What is the most important quality you consider a researcher should have?

I think the most important quality a researcher should have is curiosity. Curiosity is the most important weapon for any researcher.

Let’s leave science aside, what other hobbies do you have?

My hobbies are mountain hiking, videogames and board games.

Sc. In Chemistry, 2022, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

Sc. In Organic Chemistry,2023, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry (2023 – to present), Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

Prebiotic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Catalysis

“Through the CORENET project, I look forward to work with different experts from various universities from whom I can learn and collaborate”
David Gonzalez Martinez
CORENET PhD researcher
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