Research progress on Mapping Chemical Reaction Networks at the French Days of Mass Spectrometry

Our partners from Radboud Universiteit (SRU) represented the CORENET project at the 39th edition of the French Days of Mass Spectrometry, in Marseille, France. Quentin Duez, Postdoctoral researcher at SRU, had the opportunity to showcase some of their latest research on the CORENET project and discuss their enthusiasm for chemical reactions with fellow researchers and experts in the field.

The event offered a scientifically rich programme around various topics of mass spectrometry and in the presence of many personalities in the field. It took place in the magnificent site of the Palais du Pharo which was built by Napoleon III for Empress Eugénie and which dominates the bay and the Vieux Port, offering an incredible view of the leisure harbour, Mucem, Fort Saint-Jean and the oldest district of Marseilles, Le Panier.

Quentin presented “Mapping Chemical Reaction Networks with Mass Spectrometry” and it was a good opportunity to meet experts from different areas and exchange ideas with actors from the private and public sectors in a stimulating atmosphere. As Dr. Quentin words: “I felt great to reconnect with the French mass spectrometry community and to share with them our latest results. The sunny Marseille provided the perfect backdrop for discussing mass spectrometry—a truly fitting setting”

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