Meet the Brilliant Minds of the CORENET Project: A Campaign Highlighting PhD Students and Postdocs

Exciting news for the chemistry community! The CORENET project has launched a new campaign dedicated to showcasing the exceptional PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from their diverse research groups. Behind each of these multidisciplinary groups, there are great researchers which are exploring the latest advances in the exciting field of chemical sciences.

Starting from the group SysChem (UAM), focused on biohybrid materials and systems chemistry, Foodomics Group (CSIC), Algorithmic Cheminformatics Group (SDU), and HuckLab (SRU), until the PhD students from IBM Research Europe — Zurich that are contributing to the project.

Over the coming weeks, the campaign will feature Twitter posts highlighting some of the researcher’s work and passions. Join the CORENET project as they explore the latest research and advancements in these exciting fields. Don’t forget to follow the #CORENETresearchers campaign on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

If you’re interested in learning more about the brilliant young PhD students & postdocs and research groups involved in the CORENET project, we encourage you to visit the newly published page on our website